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Mar 08, 2012 by Elmira, On

As a first time owner of a hot tub (3 months) I am very grateful for AquaFinesse™. It is so practical and easy to use and the results speak for themselves. Our water is CLEAN AND CLEAR all the time. What I particularly like about it (AquaFinesse™) is that it DOES NOT TAKE A LOT OF TIME. As a father of two children and holding down a full time job and a part time business, TIME IS PRECIOUS TO ME. With AquaFinesse™, the amount of time spent on the Hot Tub is very Minimal. I am glad that I CAN SPEND A LOT MORE TIME IN THE TUB RATHER THAN LOOKING ATER IT! (Maintaining It.)

Mar 08, 2012 by Rhonda Flaherty

AquaFinesse™, has allowed me finally TO ENJOY THE HOT TUB EXPERIENCE TO IT’S BEST! Before, chemicals were making my skin DRY AND ITCHY, so I could only tolerate short amounts of time. Since we switched over to AquaFinesse™, I can enjoy a long relaxing soak WITH ALL OF THE HEALTHY BENEFITS AND NO MORE SIDE EFFECTS!

Thank you

Mar 08, 2012 by J.B. Desy

This stuff is Amazing! AquaFinesse™ is way better than the Salt System we used before. No device, no smell, no corrosion and clean water all the time. It’s so easy and so fast! I can even drain my spa anywhere without killing my grass or my plants. We Love it!

Mar 08, 2012 by Alan Thompson

Checked my Hot Tub today and again, the water is CLEAR AND SOFT (NO SMELL) I haven’t put in any Spa Clear, PH up, PH down, etc, etc. IT’S GOOD GOOD GOOD!

Mar 08, 2012 by Bill Shuherk

Here’s what happened – “I had just purged my spa with another brand of spa purge when I got the sample of Aqua Finesse. My spa is 7 years old and had been purged about 5 times prior to that with the same brand of spa purge. Steve suggested that I purge it again using the Spa Clean tablet; even though I had recently done it. I took his advice and wanted to see the results of purging the tub with the Spa Clean tab – especially since I just purged it two weeks prior. The results were amazing. I put some of the drain water in a bucket to see what it looked like. I was amazed to see how much more crap came out of the tub. I wish I would have taken a picture. Spa Clean will be the only thing I use moving forward for purging my tub. Outstanding stuff.”

Mar 08, 2012 by James & Corinne Kennedy

AquaFinesse™ Has Made out Hot Tub 100% more enjoyable! A lot less Time and spent in maintaining the tub and no problem balancing the water! Our skin feels BETTER and NO CHEMICAL SMELLS. Wish we had this product (AquaFinesse™) when we first purchased our Hot Tub.

Mar 08, 2012 by The Boelk Family

We didn’t really believe the story 100%, but we thought we’d give AquaFinesse a try anyway. I have already tried various systems without any notable improvement. We have now been using AquaFinesse for 2 months, and I must admit it is sublime! I have not changed my water yet, and it is still crystal clear, doesn’t smell, doesn’t foam and feels wonderfully soft.

Mar 08, 2012 by Judy Bush

The AquaFinesse™ Spa Treatment has truly made a very big difference to us! My husband couldn’t stay in the Tub for any length of time because he had a REACTION to Bromine or Chlorine and AquaFinesse™ doesn’t affect him at all! It does leave the water feeling soft and your skin smooth. And, it also smells so much better!

Mar 08, 2012 by Marnie Blackwood and Don Grainger

We use our spa every morning and in the evening too, of course, a Hot Tub a MUST for all of you. We really love the Hot Tub, It relieves a lot of Stress, but often when we serviced it before, we had a little mess.
So many plastic bottles, and instructions, one by one, there had to be a better way. And then one day back in the fall we went to the store, and Christian showed us a product we adore.

Now each week we wash the filter then pour in some AquaFinesse™ then add a chlorine tablet and we are done and with no mess. Reduces your frothing bubbles, reduce rashes too! And no more wiping off the scum or any yucky stuff! So thank you Christian, and Tom, and AquaFinesse™! You made a good thing better. We’re so happy WHOOP-DE-DOO!!!!!!!

Mar 08, 2012 by Nancy Pettit

As someone who has always suffered with dry skin, I was a little cautious about using AquaFinesse in my hot tub. But using AquaFinesse has dramatically changed my life – my skin feels so soft and everyone has noticed my radiant glow.

AquaFinesse , USA 4.9 5.0 85 85 The best thing about this product is once you get the chemicals to the right balance it locks them in. Less need for guessing and testing your hot tub. That is what I like about it