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May 17, 2012 by Brandon R Doneff


May 17, 2012 by Brandon R Doneff

May 17, Brandon
ABSOLUTELY Love it, say goodbye to that awful chemical smell and feeling. We truly enjoy our spa now! Thanks Aqua Finesse!

May 17, 2012 by Amanda Coakes

I have had eczema all my life and thought a hot tub would be out of the question because of the harsh chemicals required. That was before I knew about Aquafinesse!! Not only is the water not bad for my skin, it is actually GOOD for my skin. My eczema hasn't been this well controlled for years! And it is so easy to use! Thank you!!

May 16, 2012 by Victor Penney

We, my wife and I have had our hottub for over 10years and boy have we tried a variety of pucks, liquid, antifoaming, you name it, we\'ve bought it and sadly used them.

We went to Whitby store to get some normal chemicals as we had run out and our regular store was closed that day. We were greeted (this is 2 years ago now) by a delightful salesman with an ear-ring and a high energy level. I asked for the normal bromine pucks and chemicals I used to buy.

He asked if I have ever considered the Aqua Finesse program...I gave him a blank stare. Well next thing you know, I am spending what I thought was a huge figure for chemicals and out the door looking for salvation in the water.

I must admit it was a great decision and what a absolute surprise came to our hot-tubbing world. The water was like toffy....silky, smooth, devoid of yukking chemical smells on the skin that otherwise used to last for quite a bit.

No more dryness and itchy feelings ever again.

This is a beautiful therapy for the water and for my whole family and I even propose to my friends to use the same solution for their tubs.....and with success might I add.


Vic Penney
Ajax, Ontario

May 15, 2012 by Annette Pasciullo

There are several reasons I love this product! No chemical odor, easy to use and love how soft my skin feels! No more alligator skin and smelling like chlorine for days afterwards! AquaFinesse gives you the true spa experience!

May 09, 2012 by Terry

Aquafinesse took away the odour you get with Bromine and Clorine alone after time. And your skin, is it so nice on your skin. Started using this a few years ago and never looked back, took the guess work out and now not juggling several different chemicals just this easy kit once week.

May 08, 2012 by Mrs Bernadette Sapelak

We have had our hot tub for about 2 1/2 yrs and spent the first 2 fighting rashes from other chemicals so much that we actually had decided to sell it. My husband in a last ditch effort came home with the AquafinesseONE kit since then no rashes, no mixing or effort. The water as I like to say is squeaky clean. I finally know what it means to relax. Thank you

May 08, 2012 by michelle sweeney

These products are so easy and quick to use. In a busy life, the less complicated a process is, the more likely I will follow the steps. My tub is pristine, always.
Odor free, simple measurements and quick fixes are paramount if the PH is off. Aquafinesse is hassle free, just what you need while you soak in the tub!

May 08, 2012 by Michael Campbell

Awesome stuff.... I\'ve been using Aqua Finesse for the past four years. My wife has sensitive skin and with the regular Bromine and Clorine she tends to break out. Since Aqua Finesse both of us as well as our freinds find a huge difference in the fell of your skin after floating for hours. Yes hours... We\'ve been known to float for 7+ hours. The next days the tub does\'t look so good, but a shot of shock and the regular scheduled maintenance of Aqua Finesse (in our case Mondays) all is back to normail on the inside of one day. Crystal clear, no residue around the top and pleasant smell. We love the product and will never vere from it... it has proves itself time and time again.

May 06, 2012 by aaron

I was standing in line next to a guy wondering how to adjusts his Ph and broine at the right level - I just said get this stuff (aquafinesse) and you will not be "chasing the levels" again! Clear water, no foam, just relaxation in the hot tub - the way it's mean't to be!

AquaFinesse , USA 4.9 5.0 85 85 The best thing about this product is once you get the chemicals to the right balance it locks them in. Less need for guessing and testing your hot tub. That is what I like about it