How AquaFinesse works.

For decades, the unpleasant smell and skin irritation of traditional water treatment systems haven taken away from the enjoyment of owning a pool or hot tub.

AquaFinesse is different. Unlike traditional water care products, AquaFinesse softens your pool and spa water and soothes your skin without the harsh effects of chemicals.

What is AquaFinesse?

AquaFinesse is a natural, environmentally friendly water treatment system. It is not a sanitizer, but it does play a vitally important role in the control of bacteria. To understand how AquaFinesse works you must first understand the real cause of bacterial contamination – biofilm!

Biofilm is a slimy substance that is created by bacteria for use as a safe shelter, feeding and breeding ground. Bacteria enter the water via many various sources, including bathers. Needing somewhere safe, bacteria create a slime (biofilm), which enables them to stick to any damp surface area. In you pool or spa this could mean the walls, steps, filter housing, jets and the pipe work. Once attached, they are quickly able to form colonies.
Biofilm is designed to protect the bacteria within, and it does an excellent job. So much so that it is virtually impossible for traditional sanitizers such as chlorine or bromine to penetrate it. Even large quantities of sanitizer can only kill the bacteria in the outer layer of the biofilm leaving the bacteria below unharmed and able to continue multiplying.

99% of all bacteria live in the biofilm, leaving just 1% that actually live in the water itself. It is only these so called ‘free floating’ bacteria that are eliminated with traditional sanitizers such as chlorine or bromine.

How does AquaFinesse work?

The moment AquaFinesse is added to the water it begins the process of breaking down and loosening biofilm from surfaces. With no shelter to protect them, bacteria are exposed and vulnerable. It is now a simple task to destroy them with a minimal amount of sanitizer.

Bathers re-entering the water will of course still introduce fresh bacteria, however, they are no longer able to ‘stick’ and multiply in biofilm. These bacteria are quickly coagulated by AquaFinesse’s patented technology and a sanitizer rapidly eliminates them.

By breaking down the Biofilm, AquaFinesse completely reconditions the water and equipment, significantly reducing the levels of bacteria and threat of further contamination. As a result, there’s less “killing” to do, which means the need for chemicals such as chlorine or bromine is significantly reduced.

Even calcium, a common and significant problem in spas, is eliminated because it can not stick to the surfaces of the hot tub.

The science behind AquaFinesse gets to the real root of the bacterial problem in an environmentally friendly way. It removes slime, calcium and debris from deep within the piping and equipment of your spa and ensures it doesn’t come back. One simple weekly treatment gives you fresh, safe, crystal clear and silky soft water.

ONE minute. ONE time per week.

ONE genuine breakthrough.