Frequently asked questions.

Here are some frequently asked questions about AquaFinesse. As you read down the list of questions, just click on the question to expand and view the answer.

Can I use AquaFinesse in any spa, old or new?
Yes. AquaFinesse works with any spa, as long as it has an effective filtration system, removable/cleanable filters and a means of circulating water through the filters for at least four hours a day.

I have just started using AquaFinesse and my water is dirty and cloudy – what am I doing wrong?
Nothing! In fact, this is a sign that AquaFinesse is working properly to recondition your spa water and equipment. If your spa is older than six months, a considerable amount of scale and build-up will be released by AquaFinesse and flushed into your spa. During this reconditioning period, we recommend that you clean your filter(s) twice a week. This helps to ensure that clean and clear water is flowing through your hot tub.

Will AquaFinesse help with my scaling problem?
Yes! AquaFinesse will remove all built up scaling from the hot tub plumbing, jets and heater, and prevent it from building up again.

How often should I clean the filters in my spa?
We recommend cleaning the filters twice a week during the first two weeks. After initial conditioning period, you should rinse your filter weekly.

What is the best way to clean the filters?
On a weekly basis, remove the filters from the tub and rinse them using a garden hose. We recommend the hand held water jet hose attachment for a deep rinse of the cartridge pleats. Once a month, soak the filters in a bucket using AquaFinesse Hot Tub Filter Cleaner Tablets.

Will I need a clarifier and filter aid?
No. With AquaFinesse, these products won’t be needed because AquaFinesse does it.

How much sanitizer do I use?
After switching to AquaFinesse, most spa owners see a reduction of up to 60% of the sanitizer they used to maintain 1.5 ppm.

How does it do that?
Simple. AquaFinesse reduces the contaminants and organic load, such as biofilm, which causes high chlorine demand, therefore less sanitizer is needed to maintain a residual ppm level.

What is biofilm?
Biofilm is a sticky slimy substance on pool surfaces, pipes and equipment that is created by bacteria for use as a safe shelter, feeding and breeding ground. Biofilm is designed to protect the bacteria within, and it does an excellent job. It is virtually impossible for traditional sanitizers such as chlorine or bromine to penetrate it. This is where AquaFinesse comes in – by removing biofilm, bacteria is eliminated.

Do I need to balance my spa?
Yes, the spa must first be balanced. AquaFinesse will make it much easier to balance the spa and requires fewer adjustments.

Do I need any special equipment?
No. Just pour AquaFinesse in your spa.

Can I use AquaFinesse with “alternative” sanitizers like salt? UV? Ozone? Biguanides?
Yes. Yes. Yes and Yes. In fact, AquaFinesse allows these systems to work more efficiently and effectively and helps with some of the common problems, such as scaling and water mold. It keeps the scale off the salt generator cells, thus prolonging the life of the cell.

Is the active ingredient safe in AquaFinesse?
Yes. AquaFinesse is NSF 60 certified for potable water.

How do I use AquaFinesse?
It only takes only one minute, one time per week to keep your spa water clean and clear with AquaFinesse. For full instructions, visit