AquaFinesse is a product that really “does what is says.” It is easy to use & in all cases has gotten to the root of pool problems including controlling chlorine demand. A premium product.
Ron Parr, Parr Pools

We have been using and promoting the Aquafinesse Brand since last fall, and haven’t had much of a problem with convincing customers it is the way to go. Customers, as expected were skeptical, but once they saw our demonstrator spas and in some instatnces, spoke to our Aquafinesse dealer rep, they were convinced of its ease of use. Not only does it make sense to them to use it, but it is easier for them to use then conventional sanitation. For those who were struggling with the tradition methods, this is much easier to handle, and much easier to explain when they have a question. Also, the fact that they must come back to us to stay on the program is a great advantage. Aquafinesse goes out with every new spa we sell!

By Adam Spate
Westmoreland Pools & Spas
North Huntingdon, PA

My chemistry is perfect; pH has been rock solid in the low to mid 7 range. My white step, that normally has some light brown staining, is a brilliant white. My pool is now like swimming in bottled water thanks to AquaFinesse.
Thank you,
Michael D. Ford, Munie Leisure Center, Inc

We are always looking out for new, improved and green products for our store. Aqua finesse has proven to be one of the best products we have found in years. The ease of the presentation has all our staff selling. The customers are happy to have a simple one step system. The customer takes it home, tries it and then calls to thank us. The best benefit is that over the years we have had clients that where sensitive to sanitizers they too are now back in their tubs again. Truly the best water treatment system we have ever offer!
Michelle Kennedy, Rintoul’s Pools & Spas Of Wingham

This year may prove to be tough on profits but my customers will need to maintain their hot tub, spa and pool water care system and AquaFinesse™ is the brand I choose to increase those sales.
Rick Sorrentino, General Manager, Premier Pools and Spas

We have sold the AquaFinesse™ water treatment system for the past 18 months. At this time, Carefree Spas has converted over 500 families to the AquaFinesse™ product.
Tom Prideaux, Owner, Carefree Spas